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A Helpful Guide from the Administration Team

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:58 pm
Welcome to the network! Here are a few commands that can get you started on the network so that you can have the best time playing. If you ever need help on the server, forums, or even our store, please get in contact with one of our staff members! (They are trained to help you out Wink)

/spawn Teleport you to spawn
/kit player Obtain the starting kit
/warp shop Teleport you to the shop
/discord Obtain the network's discord link in chat
/website Obtain the network's forums link in chat (You're already here!)
/store Obtain the network's store link in chat
/f create [name] Create a faction
/f name Change your faction name
/f list Check the factions with the most online players
/baltop Check to see who has the most in-game money
/helpop [message] Send a staff member a message that you need assistance
/report [player] [reason] Report a player for breaking the rules

More will be posted later. This is just a simple post Wink

CEO & Lead Developer of The Hykin Network

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