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Staff Application Guidelines

on Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:15 pm
To begin your adventure on applying to become a staff member, it is STRONGLY recommended that you review this post multiple times. Players who apply without checking this post first are most likely going to get denied. Read these guidelines carefully.

Completed Application Information:

Once you complete your application, do not message any staff member about looking at your application. This will get your application denied.
Higher staff look over your applications only, every week. You will receive a message about the status of your application.

If your application shows that you are a good candidate, an interview will be held. If you are accepted in the interview, you will then become a staff member.
You can get denied in the interview, even if you have a good application.

The head staff members review each application and see if you have plagiarized it from somewhere else. This will cause you to lose any chance on becoming staff.

If you have been denied, it just shows that you do not meet the requirements to become a staff member. You could have been lacking detail or commitment in your application. Your maturity level is based on other player observations can interactions can cause your application to be void. Having good standings with the community will always help you to become a staff member. If your application is denied, you can reapply in three weeks from your previous application.

Players who apply, then are found breaking the rules, or being toxic in the chat will then have your application void. Your public appearance on the network is important if you are interested in becoming a staff member. Do not accuse other players of doing something that they did not do. Remain mature and respectful while you are on the network. Being nice to everyone and supporting the server by helping out is always a good thing to do before you apply. Be a good role model on the server for others to look up to you. Your appearance is important, be smart and have fun.

Once you have completed your staff application, add the following at the end to state that you have read this thread. You will be tested on this if you make it to the interview.

I have read the Staff Application Guidelines & Network Rules

Please post this in the Staff "Application Submit Center"

Thank you for taking your time to apply for staff. We really do appreciate that you want to help out!
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